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SEW092 - Bebon steels

SEW092 standard is used for the delivery of hot rolled fine grain steel strip, steel sheet and wide sheet steel products with thickness not more than 16 mm.SEW092 standard main steel grade:QStE550TM,QStE500N,QStE500TM,QStE460N,QStE460TM and so on. SEW092 QStE260N Automobile structure steel plateQStE260N steel plate can be used for Automobile structure parts, such as longitudinal beams, frames, cold-pressed parts, cold-rolled sections and structural pipes.

Used Materials Technologické Centrum

QSTE235:Carbon steel with higher yield strength:Laser 355 MC:Galvanized sheets:DX51D+Z:Cold-rolled stainless steel sheets:AISI 304 2B:Cold-rolled stainless steel sheets grinded:AISI 304 BRUS 240:Hot-rolled stainless steel sheets:AISI 304 F1:Company Our Company

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